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European Commission

The European Commission has provided impetus in the development of financial education in the European Union.

On 18 December 2007, the European Commission adopted a Communication on Financial Education. This Communication underlines the European Commission's support for the provision of financial education delivered through Member States, national and regional authorities, non-governmental agencies and the financial services sector. The report is available here.

The European Commission has developed a four-pronged approach to support financial education initiatives:

  1. In 2007, the European Commission convened an Expert Group on Financial Education (EGFE). A senior executive of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is a member of this group in a personal capacity.

    You can get information on the EU Expert Group on http://www.ec.europa.eu/

    Reports of the Expert Group
    List of members

  2. The European Commission established an European Database for Financial Education that lists and describes financial education resources that are available within member states. The EDFE was discontinued and taken offline on 17 June 2011.  However, a survey of financial literacy schemes in the EU is available here
  3. The European Commission supports the continued development of the Dolceta online resource that includes teaching resources for financial education.
  4. The European Commission provides sponsorship/patronage to Member States and private actors in the organisation of national or regional conferences and other events, which give visibility and impetus to the promotion of financial education in the EU. More details can be found here.